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In2It Digital is dedicated to helping our diverse client base make an impact in their respective industries.

In the ever-evolving marketing landscape, our journey is as varied as the industries we serve. From those who bring aesthetics to life to those who build the foundations for our communities, from those who guide personal and professional growth to those who redefine beauty, and from those with a mission to make a difference to those who provide essential services – our diverse clientele work in many different industries.

Our approach remains rooted in understanding how our clients add value through their products and services. We don't just provide services; we embark on a collaborative exploration to tailor our strategies to the ethos of each of our clients. Rather than trying to force a standard solution, we tailor our approach to perfectly suit their distinctive needs.

We understand that your goals and aspirations vary widely, and that's what keeps our journey exciting. From developing brand identities to creating digital footprints, we've had the privilege of contributing to the success stories of numerous businesses and nonprofits.

Take, for instance, our client, From Within Wellness, which helps people everywhere reduce stress and start living.

From Within Wellness is an In2It Digital Client that offers services to help their clients reduce stress and live a more mindful life

Owner Allison Peet is a Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor and pro at helping people reclaim their peace and find their joy with private coaching, workshops, classes, and retreats.

She came to In2It Digital with a meaningful, growing business but a desire for an updated website and automated systems to give her more freedom.

Our team took Allison from the world of spreadsheets, sticky notes, and iPhone reminders into a new era. Her website is not only beautiful aesthetically, but it functions like a workhorse, allowing her to schedule private consultations, capture registration for upcoming cohorts of her classes, house her lead magnet, and automate reminders and invoicing—all under one roof.

Goodbye, list of logins!

Now, Allison can spend more time with her clients and less time in the admin space of her business. After launching her latest cohort of classes with the new site, Allison had to start a waiting list to keep up with the demand!

Our ultimate goal is always to help clients spend more time in their zone of genius and less in the nitty gritty details of websites, systems, and marketing. If you want to learn more about letting go of the least favorite parts of your business, we'd be happy to chat!

While we can't spill the beans on specifics, we can share the common thread that ties all our clients together – the desire to help them make a difference using marketing. Our role is not just to offer services but to become a part of your narrative, understanding the language of your industry and translating it into impactful marketing strategies. It's a journey that continually teaches us, challenges us, and fills us with gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to your growth and success.

As we continue navigating through the ever-changing marketing landscape, we're excited to see what new patterns and connections will emerge and how our journey will continue to be enriched by the incredible diversity that defines our clientele. We’re so excited about what 2024 is going to bring each and every one of you.

When you collaborate with others in your community, the benefits extend far beyond the immediate project. It's about building lasting relationships and reaching new audiences.

Ever heard the phrase, "We're stronger together"? It's more than just words—it's the essence of connection and, in the business setting, it’s a powerful tool for building a thriving community.

When you collaborate with others in your community, the benefits extend far beyond the immediate project. It's about building lasting relationships and reaching new audiences.

Take, for instance, the recent success of Iowa Stage Theatre Company's sell-out performances of the Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol: The Ghost Story of Christmas.

During this exceptional run, Iowa Stage teamed up with three local entities, to promote the show:

The Supply Hive, a local nonprofit, joined hands to collect essential items for the houseless in the community throughout the show run.

Court Avenue Brewing Company, a local restaurant, brewed up a themed ale ("Feeling Scroogie"), with part of the proceeds supporting Iowa Stage during the run.

Vibes Kitchen & Bar, another local eatery, offered a delectable double chocolate cake paired with a St. Bernardus Christmas Ale, contributing a portion of the sales to Iowa Stage.

These collaborations led to cross-promotion. What a win! It’s a dynamic strategy that not only extends the reach of your brand but also brings about a range of collaborative advantages that contribute to sustained success–a sold out show!

As you plan your marketing for 2024, consider the impactful ways you can collaborate with businesses and nonprofits around you—even a simple shoutout on social media can spark unexpected connections.

At In2It Digital, we are honored to stand alongside Iowa Stage. Throughout their collaborations, we curated compelling content that not only highlighted Iowa Stage but also showcased valuable partnerships with three local entities.

Iowa Stage, a nonprofit organization in Des Moines, Iowa, is dedicated to transforming Iowa, its citizens, and the arts community. Their 2023 season, featuring productions like Trouble in Mind, A Bright New Boise, Athena, and A Christmas Carol: The Ghost Story of Christmas, reflects their commitment to producing truthful, relevant, and intimate theatre that inspires, enlightens, and entertains.

In2It Digital Services Provided: Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Web Design, Email Marketing and Strategy. Visit Iowa Stage on Instagram

Engaging with your social media audience can help elevate your business.

It’s easy to post on social media, but that’s just the beginning of creating a valuable online presence today. Social media at its heart has always been about building a community and connecting with others. This has become more important than ever in recent years as we’ve seen engagement rates drop across all industries and platforms.

With engagement rates continuing to trend lower, it’s more important than ever to engage with others in a meaningful, authentic way on social media to help boost your business. It may not seem like much, but liking and replying to a comment on one of your posts or going out of your way to leave a thoughtful comment on someone else’s post in your industry or target audience can go a long way. People notice the extra effort you put in which can help you stay top of mind and encourage others to engage with your content more often.

A photo of Sarah Walker the CEO and Principal Designer of Nuance Interior Design.

Sarah Walker, Principal Designer & CEO of Nuance Interior Design, does a great job of this on her company’s Instagram account.

Nuance Interior Design provides full-service, luxury interior design to busy professionals in the Seattle, Washington area. They specialize in designing biophilic, sustainable spaces for their clients. Their main goal is to elevate their clients’ quality of life and the functionality of their homes by providing custom design solutions. They also partner with architects and builders to design home remodels and new builds in the area.

The Nuance Interior Design Team works out of their interior design showroom which is a one-stop-shop for builders, architects, and their clients to find sustainable materials for their projects. It is the only luxury, sustainable showroom in Washington.

In addition to this, Sarah herself has been featured as an interior design expert in many different magazines. Most recently Luxe featured her Kitchen and Bathroom design work in an article about the showroom and the company’s approach to designing spaces.

In2It Digital supports Sarah by consistently posting to the company’s Instagram and LinkedIn platforms with content featuring current projects, the sustainable brands they work with, highlighting their values, and more.

In support of this, Sarah takes the time to engage with others on Instagram, whether it be replying to comments on one of her posts or seeking out others in the interior design industry and leaving a comment on their latest project.

Taking the time to engage from your business accounts can help you build relationships online which can lead to being seen by more people and opening yourself up for future opportunities. It can also help you stand out and even be seen as an expert in your field.

While posting consistently is an important piece to the puzzle, it’s just one piece to having a successful social media presence. Uplift your business further by engaging with your audience and those in your industry in a meaningful way. You may be surprised by the results.

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