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Happy Acres Dog Training



Happy Acres Dog Training came to us feeling the platform overload. With a different platform for online courses, another for payments, another for scheduling, one for email marketing, and another for her website, her days were consumed by logging in and out of platforms, frustrated that they didn't integrate nicely with one another, adding additional steps onto her workload. It was more time in front of the computer and less time building strong bonds between dogs and their owners, the heart of her work.

Through our work together, we were able to get Tawnya from 7 platforms down to one. Now she can log in to one place and access her scheduling, client intake forms, online courses, and new messages. Everything talks to one another so she can quickly get a comprehensive pulse on different aspects of her business. A fresh website and revamp of her s
ystems gave Tawnya more time and a more efficient business.


  • Web Design

  • Shop Setup

  • SEO

  • Course Integration

  • Custom Email Funnel

Happy Acres Dog Training

Educational Website

Custom Course Integration

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